Teen Issues

Teens face incredible challenges today and adjustment issues can start at a young age. They can result in serious interpersonal problems at home and at school. It can affect the whole family, as well as friends and teachers.

The scope of teen adjustment issues is wide, and ranges from dealing with new schools, ADHD and oppositional disorder, to gender identity problems, life skills, grief and loss, academic underachievement, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression and self-esteem. Peer pressure has always been a problem for teenagers, including bullying.

A therapist can help your family to once again become a functioning unit where each member’s needs are met in a healthy way. Therapists also commonly deal with issues such as suicidal thoughts and attempts, drug use, self-harm, and eating disorders, to name a few.

Counsellors provide a professional, safe and nurturing environment for teens to explore their issues and to help them get back on track. We can also help parents to find balance and create coping strategies and solutions for their children’s issues.