Our Team

Camilla Lofranco, BSc, MACP, RP

Founder and Clinical Director

Registered Psychotherapist and Professional Life Coach

Camilla completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a focus on Life Sciences and Psychology (mind, brain and behaviour). She then studied at Adler University in Chicago completing her Masters of Counselling Psychology in 1996. Having studied various psychological theories and psychotherapeutic approaches, she believes in treating the individual from a holistic perspective. She strives to help you heal in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. You will learn new ways to cope with the challenging situations in your life.

As a Professional Life Coach, Camilla is committed to helping people discover their true potential. She began her coaching career with Learn2 delivering corporate training programs for more than 3 years. She then coached participants in career transitions at Mandrake Management Consultants and helped start the Velocity Training Group. She continued to dive into personal and professional growth programs and trained coaches for over 10 years at Landmark Education Corporation in one of their high level performance programs. Her coaching is powerful, intuitive, compassionate, and straight. She uses goal-directed initiatives and insight development to help you achieve breakthrough results.

Camilla is fluent in both English and Italian and offers services in both languages.

Janet MacQuarrie, BA, M.Ed, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Janet is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Education. Janet has more than thirty years of experience working with children, youth and families and is committed to helping others live their best lives. Janet believes that meaningful therapy comes from building therapeutic rapport that is respectful, genuine, and compassionate. She believes that an empathic, trusting and safe therapeutic relationship allows for optimal outcomes for children, adolescents, and adults.

Janet has received extensive training in trauma, attachment and child development and works from a strengths-based perspective. Janet has training in a variety of therapeutic modalities including Play Therapy, Theraplay®, Sandtray therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy and emotion focused skills training.

Janet has experience working with adults, children, adolescents and families, supporting them with a wide array of issues, including trauma, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, learning/attentional and other mental health challenges.

Shelley Millman,  BA, MBA, MACP, CCP, RP

Registered Psychotherapist; Certified Coach Practitioner

Welcome. Working with a therapist provides the opportunity to explore the things that truly matter to you. Through uncovering the stumbling blocks and triggers that prevent you from being the best version of yourself, we will collaborate together to create self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance – while determining new avenues to accomplish tangible goals that align with your values. Giving consideration to the ‘whole’ you is an integral part of the therapeutic process – including those aspects that are painful and deeply imbedded, as well as your strengths, resources, and aspirations. 

Rather than pathologizing people and focusing on deficits, I see strengths and potential that may be blocked due to reactions to hurtful events in your life. We cannot undermine the painful reality of one’s experience of depression, anxiety,  loneliness, loss, trauma, relationship strife, and other challenges, but we can address it through targeted therapy. 

Don’t go through your hard times without the focused support that you need. I  offer a healing, non-judgmental, safe space for you to explore your life experiences, the influences that have contributed to who you are today, and those that continue to challenge you. Small, consistent steps, or ‘micro-changes’,  lead to enduring results. Take the first step! 

Client focus: Adults; couples; college/university students; teens.  

I also provide coaching services with more of a ‘Solutions-Focused’ lens,  working towards the achievement of specific goals utilizing a client-centered,  collaborative approach.