Relationships, Families, Children, & Parenting

Couples Therapy

Many couples seek professional help when they are in crisis – they either want to save their relationship or need help to decide whether or not to end it. However, we also see couples who are satisfied with their relationships but feel they are stuck in a conflict or they want to make their connections stronger.

We help couples:

 Break negative patterns of conflict

• Learn how to communicate so that their discussions about conflict are calm

• Encourage and foster respect, affection, closeness, and intimacy

• Generate a greater understanding for one another

Families & Parenting

Parenting and family counselling can be beneficial to couples & families who are looking to strengthen their emotional connections in all stages of their relationships. Step-families and blended families often struggle with loss and grief for their previous family structure, while adjusting to new bonds and relationships.

Families experiencing divorce and those coping with children managing learning disabilities, depression, ADHD/ADD, or social phobia, often benefit from counselling. Parents gain new parenting strategies and learn how to support their children‘s mental health during a significant and difficult life event or time in their life.


Children’s mental health can be affected by a combination of factors, including genetics, trauma, and environmental stress. Anxiety disorders are quite common in children.

Examples of the kinds of issues a child may experience, but are not limited to, include:

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Bullying

• Depression or Sadness

• Grief and loss

• Impulsiveness

• Selective Mutism

• Learning difficulties

• Relationship issues

• School avoidance

• Sexuality / Gender Identity

• Self-harm

Counselling Services are helpful to those children and families where a child is experiencing issues that are affecting their well- being or the well-being of their family members.